Realizzazione sito web per azienda multiservizio

Realizzazione di un sito web professionale per un'azienda multiutility con un layout d'impatto per sottolineare l'importanza dei servizi offerti. La semplicità e lo studio dei colori hanno permesso di creare una soluzione in linea con l'animo dell'azienda, in grado di guidare facilmente l'utente nella ricerca. 

Multiplicity in a nutshell

Being multi-utility is the main identity of AGS. For this reason, the activities they deal with immediately catch the eye. Thanks to the carousel, it is possible to highlight the most important news for the company and its partners.

Water has no memory, that's why it's so clear

If it is true that all the services they offer are important, the management and purification of water is the main one. For this reason we have dedicated a separate page to it, so that the information, forms and data are easy to find.

We emphasize what matters

We chose blue and white to give the right emphasis to the information on the site. The interfaces are simple and facilitate navigation on the page. What they do is important and cannot be left to chance, which is why it was essential to create a professional site suited to the service they offer.

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