Realizzazione e-Commerce sportivo

Realizzazione di un e-Commerce sportivo per un'azienda storica di biciclette in cui ogni dettaglio è stato attentamente progettato. Il layout, caratterizzato da un tono deciso, utilizza colori che evocano l'asfalto delle strade, creando un contrasto sorprendente con i prodotti offerti dall'azienda. Il risultato è un e-commerce che non solo vende prodotti, ma racconta la passione e l'innovazione che contraddistinguono l'azienda. 

The law of the road

Chesini is a historical brand of made in Italy bicycles, specialized in the production of steel frames. Protagonist of the road for decades, the same one we bring to the website with the use of colors inspired by wheels and asphalt and a design full of edges and hardness.

Details upon details

Anyone who loves bikes knows how important details are, both technical and aesthetic. This is why we present them with a wealth of details and exhaustive information and with photos that allow you to observe them from every angle.

Speed ​​and comfort

The site relies on a high-performance server to guarantee the rapid loading of the numerous images: a graphic preload made to measure for the customer by combining the initial of the logo with the cogwheel of the gearbox makes the passage between the pages more fluid and natural.

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