Realizzazione eCommerce caffè

Sviluppo e progettazione grafica di un eCommerce per uno dei prodotti più amati dagli italiani: il caffè. Un layout semplice e completo per velocizzare il processo d'acquisto dell'utente e guidarlo alla scoperta del mondo del caffè e dei suoi aromi. 

Black like coffee

Chic and refined - that's how we would describe their coffee. Two adjectives that we have decided to translate also on their website. Ilmur's e-commerce has therefore become the main means through which to express their passion for coffee.

An aromatic journey for the taste buds

Capsules, pods or coffee beans… Each product is accompanied by a small infographic, so that it is possible to choose the most suitable aroma for your palate.

From exotic countries to Italy

The history of the product most loved by Italians (and not only) is ancient and ramified. Each variety has its own characteristics, different aromas and scents. Each product comes from different countries, which is why a section has been created where you can select the origin and choose the variety of Arabica coffee you prefer.

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