Sviluppo sito web per impresa edile

Creazione di un sito web che si distingue per il suo spirito dinamico e audace in cui ogni elemento è stato curato con attenzione per garantire un'esperienza coinvolgente. Con un design diretto ed incisivo, abbiamo voluto comunicare in modo trasparente con l'utente mettendo in primo piano i servizi e i progetti aziendali realizzati. 

Bold as a leader

We liked playing with the font, choosing a decisive and strong character – bold – to recall the important and courageous works of the company, a leader in large constructions.

Straight to the point

When there's a lot to say, it's often helpful to outline. We have summarized the company's strengths and services in an immediately understandable, concise and complete table. To say it all, in a small space.

Space harmony

The layout of the site is based on a dynamic grid, to give structure and rhythm to the whole both on mobile and on computer. The large empty spaces around the texts are studied to the pixel as frames that highlight the content.

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