Realizzazione sito web di lusso per appartamenti vacanze

Realizzazione sito web personalizzato con progettazione grafica, comunicazione social ad hoc e sistema di booking online integrato con un design dinamico e di facile navigazione per soggiornare nel pieno centro di Roma. 

Our expertise, their wonder

Luxi Apartments is one of those clients that needs an entire team to start shining as it deserves: programmers, photographers, graphic designers and the marketing team. A game of Webmotion!

One drone, two jewels, six suites

Luxi offers the opportunity to stay in the heart of the capital, in two beautiful apartments: Altar of the Fatherland and Colosseum. All our expertise at the service of eternal beauty.

A team effort

Everyone has put their expertise to work:

  • A user-friendly, multilingual website with a UX/UI designed down to the smallest detail;
  • Ad hoc social communication that was the union of the efforts of copywriters, content creators and visual designers;
  • Stunning photos and shots taken with drones, in collaboration with our trusted photographers.

Luxi Apartments also played a key role: just look at their villas; such beauty easily goes unnoticed!

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