Realizzazione sito web per studio legale

Sviluppo di un sito web curato nei minimi dettagli in cui professionalità e originalità creano un connubio perfetto per la valorizzazione dei servizi offerti. L'integrazione della sezione blog e di contenuti video esplicativi, rendono il sito un ottima risorsa informativa per il panorama giuridico italiano.  

Linearity and visual professionalism

A blue background and a modern and light font for a Studio with a character to spare. We preferred to focus on simplicity and a balanced color contrast. In this way, the service offered becomes central.

A good first impression

As soon as you enter the Storari law firm, design and furniture are the first characteristics that reveal the personality of those who work there. Precisely for this reason, we have intentionally maintained that feeling of a physical, reliable, modern and professional place.

Knowledge is power

The Italian legal landscape for many is obscure and incomprehensible. However, ignorantia legis non excusat: the law does not admit ignorance. For this reason, Studio Storari offers a series of explanatory videos on various aspects of Italian legislation. Links to videos on their Youtube channel were then added, easily usable from the site itself.

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